Accessibility Statement

Beit Daniel, as a center of the Reform Movement in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, sees great importance in provided quality, professional, equal, and accessible service to all these who visit us, particularly those people with physical and other limitations. We invest a great deal of time, effort, and resources to implement the necessary steps to ensure that our visitors with physical challenges can participate in our activities independently and equitably.
Beit Daniel works towards social equality in our religious ceremonies, lifecycle events, and other events throughout the year for people with physical limitations. One way we do so is by operating a unique educational program the goal of which is the advancement of the values of pluralism, equality, accepting the other, and a shared existence in the State of Israel.

Beit Daniel works, and will continue to strive, to advance equal access and enjoyment of all our activities alongside transparency for people with physical limitations. Providing accessibility comes in the form of providing service, guidance, and direction to visitors as well as in physical aspects of our space.

We are currently in the process of creating a more accessible website for all visitors as well as updates to our building that will create a more welcoming space to all comers. We see this as part of our basic responsibility to the entire population, especially those dealing with certain limitations, to receive the best possible service.

Accessibility Measures at Beit Daniel

Dedicated parking for people with disabilities directly outside our building.

An accessible ramp from the street and parking to the main entrance of the structure. Inside there is an elevator to the second floor where the synagogue is located.
Accessible restroom facilities are in the lobby on the ground floor.

Accessibility measures are located throughout the building: handrails, anti-slip material on stairs, tactile warning surfaces for the seeing impaired, signage with guidance to our different facilities and more.

We welcome assistance animals in our facility.

While we work hard to ensure full accessibility, it is likely there are areas in which we can still improve. In the event that you spot an issue in accessibility, you are in need of help, or are interested in leaving a suggestion, you are invited to be in touch via mail with our accessibility coordinator or to call our office:

Name: Yael Luz
Phone: +972-03-5442740